ABOUT Lady Justice Initiative

Welcome to the Lady Justice Initiative. We are on a mission to empower women in law and expand access to law and justice through innovation, AI, and other technology.

Our Mission

The Lady Justice Initiative is dedicated to expanding access to law and justice and empowering women in law, globally. We envision and actively shape a new era of accessible and equitable justice with an emphasis on women-led and centered transformation. Leveraging digital transformation and harnessing the power of innovation, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technology, we strive to empower women, expand access to justice, and promote justice and equity for all. Our mission is achieved through strategic initiatives and collaboration with innovators and entrepreneurs in government, business, and civil society. 


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Our Guiding Principles

Empowerment and Leadership: We place women and underrepresented groups at the helm of digital transformation in law, enabling them to not just participate, but lead and drive innovation.

Inclusive Innovation: By harnessing artificial intelligence and other emerging technology and employing data-driven strategies, we're fostering an ecosystem that propels justice and equality forward.

Collaborative Networks: Through multi-sectoral collaborations we're building a global alliance committed to using artificial intelligence, other emerging technology, and innovation to advance justice and empower women. This interconnected network amplifies our collective impact.

Supportive Mentorship: We support public and private sector leaders whose vision aligns with ours.

Catalysts for Change: We highlight and support transformative ideas paving the way for a new era of equitable justice.


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